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EnergyROM Series 1.0 21040 - HTC Snap based ROM ** || Build 50909 |

Bản ROM này đã được chỉnh sửa để fix các lỗi của bản RC1
Hi and welcome to my ROM thread. This is RC2 (release candidate 2) of my Snap based ROM for the Excalibur (Dash, Dopod, etc).

The XIP (kernel) and SYS (main system files) are directly ported from HTC newest handset, the Snap.

This ROM includes only the stock applications for now (with the exception of a few things, like omapclockset and celetask) as it's meant to be a community based ROM where we can ALL work together, chip in and make suggestions to make the fastest and best ROM for the Excalibur.

To activate the weather panel, use the Activate in the "\My documents" folder on the phone and reboot.

The pagepool is set at 9 megs (up from the stock 4) for better speed and general "snappiness". You can lower it yourself by using the pagepool_changer application on the ROM's nbh file. I like mine at 8 and could care less about available RAM as long as the phone is fast and responsive

I will add more as more feedback is provided, but for now let's test this first release and see how it performs I hope you like it.

Release 50909

SetJogBar Added to Tweaks
HTC Reboot updated
Added support for Vista Device Center
Addes startup sound
Removed SQM modules
Clockontop 12 hour put in
Changeg some defauly jogbar settings (one being hiding the icon)
Pagepool changed back to 9 (give me feedback on this.. is the speed worth the decrease in RAM)?
Added IESettings in Settings
Added back Enterprise and VPN features
Added HTC Startup Sound
jogbar icon hidden now
IE6 is now in the ROM with lots more options to play with
Added SMS inbox threading to switch from classic/threaded under Tweaks


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